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How do I pay my fees?

All term fees are invoiced either before the commencement or at the beginning of each term and must be paid by the end of Week 3. Payments should be made by EFT direct deposit.

How do I know which class to enrol my child in?

Enquire to enrol in the style that your child would like to participate in. Personal communication will be made with you via email to organise a trial or an opportunity to enrol if there is availability.

Does my child have to participate in the Showcase?

The Annual Showcase is not compulsory but a wonderful performance opportunity for all students to work towards. If you are not participating in the concert, it is recommended that you only participate in RAD Examination Classes or only enrol for Term 1 & 2.

What is the uniform requirement?

All classes are required to follow our formal uniform with hair always worn in a neat bun. RAD Examination students only need to wear their formal examination attire for mock examinations and examinations. Please click on the uniform tab to find out the full list of uniform requirements for classes.

Do you offer a free trials?

Do to demand we offer limited trials and they are no longer free, students can trial a class for $15.00 and if there is availability they can enrol in that class,

Do you accept mid-year enrolments?

We do accept new enrolments up until the end of Term 3, the end of September.

Do you accept Creative & Active Kids' vouchers?

Absolutely. Please forward the voucher details, including your child's full name and DOB, prior to the beginning of the Term so that it can be applied to your tuition invoice.

Can students compete in Eisteddfods?

We are not a competition based school. We are a dance education and examination based school. There are some limited opportunities for students to perform at Eisteddfods in a solo capacity. Once enrolled we can discuss teacher and studio availability in relation to solo work.

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