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After Hours Program

Available for students 4yrs+

The After Hours Program offers a diverse range of classes to provide students with the best foundation of classical technique from the youngest of ages. Complementing a strong focus on classical ballet training under the Royal Academy of Dance examination syllabus, the After Hours Program also offers classes in Contemporary, Jazz, CTFC (Core, Turnout & Foot Control) & Character Classes.

The After Hours Program is suitable for dancers wishing to pursue performance opportunities and extended classical ballet training in the future, as well as those who simply wish to become accomplished in their art form and achieve their personal best.

All SBA students are supported through their Royal Academy of Dance examinations and have the opportunity to perform in the Annual Showcase. Select students may also be invited to be apart of Performance Troupes. 


Extension Training Program

By private audition or invitation only

In 2020, Serenade Ballet Academy introduced the Extension Training Program (ETP).

ETP caters to talented and aspiring dancers desiring to take their classical ballet studies to the next level by undertaking a full day of training in Classical Ballet and allied subjects. The Program will also offer training with ex-professionals and internationally renowned influencers of the dance community. The training offered in the program will prepare selected students for the rigors of full-time training. 

Students have the opportunity to undertake a variety of competitions, such as Sydney Eisteddfod, Australian Ballet Scholarship Awards and YAGP, and will also undertake formal internal assessments throughout the year. 


If you have any additional questions about our classes, get in touch and one of our staff members will gladly assist you.