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Introductory Ballet Program

Our ballet classes for toddlers, 3 - 5yrs, are taught in an all-inclusive environment.

Preschool Ballet: 4yrs 

Pre-Primary Ballet: 5yrs

Combining the foundational traditions of classical ballet with creativity and self-expression, each class is an enjoyable learning experience that your child will adore. They will develop coordination, musicality & rhythm, strengthen their gross motor skills, muscle memory and improve their posture – all whilst learning to love the art of ballet.


RAD Examination Program

The RAD Examination Program offers a complete range of Grade & Vocational syllabus classes, Primary RAD - Advanced 2, to provide students with a strong foundation of classical technique from the youngest of ages.

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world. RAD was created with the objective to improve the standard of ballet teaching and in pursuit of that goal, a new teaching method and dance technique was created.

The most identifiable aspect of the RAD method is the attention to detail when learning the basic steps and the progression in difficulty is often very slow. The principle behind this is that if enough time is spent achieving optimal technique before introducing new vocabulary, the easier it is for the student to learn the more challenging steps, while exercising perfect basic technique at all times.

Examination students participate in 2 RAD classes per week, and complement their training in these classes by undertaking CTFC (core-turnout-foot-control) and pointe classes to nurture strength, enhance technique and support injury prevention.


Jazz & Contemporary Program

Both Jazz and contemporary classes are divided into Levels 1-5 based on age and ability.

Our contemporary class focuses on the foundation of contemporary technique as we merge the structure of our RAD training and Classical technique into our contemporary movement. We achieve this through exploring:

  • Floor work

  • Centre work

  • Adage

  • Allegro

  • Improvisation

Our Jazz classes take on a more technical, exciting and dynamic approach as we focus on a Broadway Variation of Jazz set to modern music.

Within our classes we include:

  • KLT (Kicks, Leaps, Turns)

  • Choreography and Performance

  • Chorus heels technique (Level 5)

This type of dancing aids students in learning choreography quickly and provides a variety of dynamic contrast to their movement.​


Performance Troupe Program

The Performance Program provides select students with an opportunity to work on creative and progressive pieces of dance to present on stage at local and regional eisteddfods and competitions. 

There is a strong emphasis on team spirit and the need for the group to work together, thus requiring strong commitment from students to attend all weekly rehearsals and work to the best of their ability at all times.


Junior Transition Program

Introduced in 2021, the Junior Transition Program offers passionate and talented classical ballet students, a transitional class on Saturday morning. 

Suitable for students ages 9 - 11yrs, the program focuses on refining classical ballet technique, extending vocabulary and preparing students for a later transition into the full day Extension Training Program. 

Considered students must be participating in weekly RAD Grade Examination classes.


Extension Training Program

In 2020, Serenade Ballet Academy introduced the Extension Training Program (ETP).

Suitable for passionate classical ballet students aspiring to pursue full time training in classical ballet or contemporary dance, the Extension Training Program offers two separate training levels available for trained ballet students ages 11-16yrs.  

Daily training will prepare students for the rigors of full-time training, incorporating open ballet class, strength and conditioning, repertoire, pointe and contemporary technique. Throughout the year, the Program also offers workshops with renowned influencers of the dance community. 

Students have the opportunity to undertake a variety of competitions, such as Sydney Eisteddfod, Australian Ballet Scholarship Awards and YAGP, and will also undertake formal internal assessments throughout the year. 

If you have any additional questions about our classes, get in touch and one of our staff members will gladly assist you.